Posted on: June 10, 2020 Posted by: belle Comments: 0
A mossy frog

I don’t have a lot of deeper insight into these awesome little dudes – I just really love they’re little faces.

Theloderma corticale is the latin name but they’re common name is Mossy Frogs and they’re native to Northern Vietnam and China. They have the ability to throw their croaks up to 4 meters so it can be hard to find them in the wild.

Good news is they’re in the conservation category of least concern, although as with all wild animals they are being impacted by habitat loss as the economic boom in South East Asia continues to take more space.

Mossy frogs are a wonder of Darwinian camoflauge. They range in colour from bright mossy green to darker muddy shades depending on their environment.

While looking at pictures of mossy frogs I also found the bonus frog below. The long-nosed horned frog (Megophrys nasuta) or Malayan leaf frog also gets 10 points for blend-in-ability. Sneaky Boss Leafy Bastard. Love it.